“Thank you to all the staff, I was very happy in this rehab facility. If I had to come back to a rehab center, I would come back to Windsor Gardens. Thank you for everything!”
J. Hernandez

Mrs. Teresa,
“Thank you very much for your help. You made me feel at home. Thank you for helping me, I am happy to have met people like you that love their job. I value ones work, especially the hard work that you do, it requires a lot of patience. May God bless you always.”
Thank you,
J. Hernandez

Mrs. Moss,
“Thank you for your help. I am sorry for not saying good bye to you. I thank God for allowing me to meet people like you that love their job and for your patience for taking care of people that need a lot of help. May God give you the patience to keep moving forward.”
Thank you,
J. Hernandez

May 15, 2015
Marissa and Staff,

It is not often in life that we sit down and take the time to write a nice letter or recognize the positive or good things we have experienced. It is much easier to complain and let it out and be negative. I have always been a firm believer in focusing on that which is positive and the law of attractration even if I get sidetracked a bit along the way. I am also a person who prefers to keep it real, direct and straight to the point, there is much less miscommunication that way.
When I first came here, I was angry, I felt betrayed and lied to just to get me here even though I really did need to be here. On the other hand, I was scared and even a little depressed. But I know that I am a true athlete to the core and that eventually I would pull through. I never imagined it would be this difficult or take this long or that I would have to also deal with other individuals who would truly test my temper or that I would be weak enough to allow them that much power over me. We are never too old to discover or test our true inner strength. Most of your staff does not know my background is also in the medical field. I have to tell you I am so impressed with the general moral, the team work, the leadership, the amount of heart, and genuine sympathy and empathy I have seen displayed here every day!
I have never heard staff complain about their jobs, slack off, gossip, you have a great group of people. They come to work happy and they work hard. They are pleasant and truly seem to enjoy what they do, and that is what it is all about. I personally appreciate the fact that everybody has treated me well through my good, bad, and even ugly days. While I am very happy to be going home, it really is an emotional thing for me as well especially since you have not thrown me a going away party – How rude!! HAHAHA! All jokes aside, my heart is still in the medical field. I will miss this place, the staff, and so many of the patients and I will be dropping in to visit. And you Marissa, personally, I firmly believe had you not walked by my room that day, I would not be writing this letter today so I will forever be grateful and I am thankful there is you!
I believe all things happen for a reason! I believe in God or at least a higher power and I believe in angels and I know that plenty of them work in this facility. Now that said, I do not ever want to come back as a patient, haha, but I would like to use the hot tub from time to time!
Thank you all for Everything!! Love, Bren

I was visiting my grandmother for her birthday and staff members brought out a cake for her. It was so nice and my grandmother loved it! You guys are so great, and I really appreciate all that you do for her.
Family member of Resident

Windsor Gardens does a wonderful job of caring for all their patients. We all received special care while there.
Marilyn P., Former Resident of the Facility

I would recommend it if I knew someone who had to go to a home in this area. I would tell them I had a good experience there.
Former Resident

My mother has been a resident at Windsor Gardens for 6 months. The care is excellent, the facility is clean, the staff caring, sensitive and responsive. Top notch staff from the parking attendant to the nurses, therapy staff, office staff, social worker & administrator! Any healthcare or other issues are addressed immediately. And, all this with a smile!
Judith C. , Family member of Resident

Windsor Gardens of the Valley is very professional. The physical therapists and occupational therapists were very thorough.
Gail D., Resident

Windsor Gardens of the Valley is very hands on and professional. I would get a call almost every morning saying the status of my mother and what they were going to do that day with her and with physical therapy. I was very impressed with the management team.
Daryl M. , Family member of Resident

I appreciate everything Windsor Gardens of the Valley did for me. They are wonderful. They are perfect.
Ann H. , Resident

Everybody at Windsor Gardens of the Valley is wonderful, kind and helpful. My mother loved it there.
Judy B. , Family member of Resident

The nursing staff at Windsor Gardens of the Valley is very good. They are thoughtful and considerate. The physical therapy was very good. Mr. Windsor, the facility cat, was wonderful.
Serita M. , Resident

The atmosphere at Windsor Gardens of the Valley is very nice. So is the staff. The food is very good and the staff is always available.
Stephen G. , Resident

The care at Windsor Gardens of the Valley is exceptional.
Linda S., Family member of Resident

The employees at Windsor Gardens of the Valley are very nice and the therapy is great.
Barbara P., Family member of Resident